Richard M. Lee

Richard M. Lee, Ph.D.

ITR Affiliate Faculty

Professor, Department of Psychology

Rich’s research interests are in understanding the psychological aspects of culture, ethnicity and race that function as risk and protective factors for well-being, mental health, and achievement in ethnic and racial minority populations. He has three overlapping research foci: (1) advancement of theory and measurement related to culture-specific risk and protective factors, such as perceived discrimination, ethnic identity development, and acculturation conflicts; (2) transracial and transnational experiences of Korean youth and adults who were adopted internationally by White families; and (3) community-based research in evidence-based prevention programs for racial and ethnic minority populations. Dr. Lee has received NIH, NSF, and foundation funding to support his research. He is the current Editor of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology and past president of the Asian American Psychological Association. He also directs the Early Career Investigators Network (ECIN) for the Center for Personalized Prevention Research. Read Rich’s full bio.