ADAPT in the media

Program created by Minnesota researchers to help military family receives national attention

KSTP-TV | 8/12/2019

“I am hopeful we can institutionalize this within the greater service organizations,” said Haase. “All of them. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines.”

Minnesota-based program helps vets reintegrate into their families

Star Tribune | 10/8/2017

“Results of the five-year study, the first of its kind in the nation, show that techniques used in the program can enhance parenting skills in veterans and reduce post-traumatic stress symptoms and thoughts of suicide. They also can improve children’s behavior and resilience in school.”

University program helps military parents adapt to civilian life

Minnesota Daily | 10/5/2017

“I really struggled … to come back to a family that pretty much operated better without me, or so I thought,” Lenling said. “I can take 150 soldiers to Iraq and back, but I can’t get my 10-year-old to go to bed on time.”

ADAPT program looking for Families, Soldiers

Paraglide Online | 10/5/2017

“Learning to communicate more effectively with your children will give you more success as a Family … this program has also helped marriages because when you are not at odds with each other and you are on the same script and parenting becomes a lot more enjoyable,” said Heinecke.

U of M Research Helping Military Families After Deployment

KSTP-TV | 9/26/2017

“It definitely has made a happier home,” Doug Watson said .”I’ve learned more than I thought I would.”

Program Aims To Help Veterans Improve Parenting Skills

WCCO-TV | 9/26/2017

“It’s really helped with the younger two, as far as setting clear expectations and knowing how to follow through with those,” said Hawkins.

‘U’ Program Seeks To Help Military Families Reconnect

WCCO-TV | 12/21/2013

Veterans can take advantage of many different resources, from job training to emotional support. But one area that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the family. Now there’s a new study at the University of Minnesota to help parents and children cope with the return home.

Military families learning to adapt

Mankato Free Press | 11/10/2013

Katie said her family could really have benefited from a program that they now are taking part in: a parenting management training model, an intervention system to help families develop parenting skills.

Putting The Post-Deployment Family Back Together

National Public Radio | 5/25/2013

“His responsibilities were all centered around him, and then coming back to a household of five people and a wife who’s been dealing with it alone all this time and is ready for a break,” she says, “I think it took some time for him to readjust to even what his responsibilities in the family were.”

Families face more challenges when military parents return

CNN | 12/21/2012

“Yes, the first day back is just a fairy tale, of course. And then you have to start trying to put yourself back into the life of your family.”