Support the program

With a large body of research having demonstrated the transformative power of the program,  we are now working to make it available to as many families as possible across the country.

The program offers coaching from trained facilitators, as well as meals and childcare, to make sure families can regularly attend. Parents also have access to online curriculum with skill videos and hands on homework as a continued resource. With every contribution, the ADAPT program is able to serve more families, especially families geographically separated from beneficial programs and services.

We hope the program can eventually help all military families who need it, regardless of branch, component or geographic location. Your contribution can help us make that goal a reality.

Make a direct contribution now

To learn more about contributing to this program, contact Amy Majerle, ADAPT Studies Project Manager at or (612) 624-8136. Donors will be recognized on ADAPT’s website and social media, in marketing materials and at programming.