Strong parents = strong families = strong military

Military parents face unique challenges. Parents who are deployed may be gone for months, living a starkly different lifestyle than their family back home. Meanwhile, their partners shoulder the burden of raising children and managing family affairs by themselves. Children are often anxious about the safety of their deployed parent, and about the new rhythms of a one-parent household.

Left unaddressed, these family issues pose a serious threat to the mental health of our servicemembers, the wellbeing of their children, and ultimately the strength of our military.

ADAPT promotes the use of effective parenting tools to increase the overall resilience in military families. The program can be especially crucial during reintegration following deployment. Among many other skills, parents are taught how to build a united parenting front and how to identify and respond to difficult emotions, which are often common challenges faced by military families.

Proven results

Research already completed with over 600 military families, has shown that ADAPT children have fewer behavioral issues, less anxiety and depression, and better self-esteem. Parents reported reduced depression, PTSD and suicidal tendencies.

Putting the program in action

With a substantial body of research behind the program, it is now ready to be made available to military parents nationwide. The ADAPT team can work with your military unit or organization to meet your individual needs.

This is an opportunity to lead the way and be a pioneer. To discuss how the ADAPT program can strengthen your operations, contact or (612) 624-8136.