ADAPT for military families

I found that when my home life was good, that I could do anything, and that my anxieties went down. This program turned my life around 180 degrees.

ADAPT participant

Military parents face unique challenges. Deployed parents may be gone for many months, living a starkly different lifestyle than their families. Back at home, partners shoulder the burden of raising the children and managing family affairs by themselves. Children are often anxious about the safety of their deployed parent and have to get used to the rhythms of a one-parent household.

When a servicemember returns, it can be very hard to re-adjust. The couple has to re-imagine their relationship and adjust to new roles in the family. Some returning service members are also suffering from combat stress symptoms and difficulties regulating emotions during this adjustment period.

While there are a variety of resources to help service members and veterans deal with their own postdeployment challenges, these programs often don’t provide support for the family unit.

ADAPT was designed to help military parents like you become your children’s best teachers.

How it works

The ADAPT program can take a few forms: Individual counseling, small groups, over teleconferencing, and through self-directed online videos.

The topics address six core parenting skills:

  • Teaching through encouragement
  • Discipline
  • Problem solving
  • Monitoring
  • Positive involvement with children
  • Emotion socialization