Trauma screener tool

Many who work with children need to determine whether a child has experienced traumatic stress. In response to this need, Ambit Network has developed a quick, simple, and reliable instrument to screen children for traumatic stress symptoms.

Who can use it?

Anyone who works with children ages 5-18 who may have experienced a traumatic event, including:

  • Clinicians
  • Case workers
  • Educators

How does it work?

The Traumatic Stress Screen for Children and Adolescents (TSSCA) tool features five simple questions to measure children’s traumatic stress. The result will suggest one of three categories: normal, borderline, or requiring further trauma assessment. The tool is based on the UCLA PTSD Index for DSM V.


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Spanish-language version

Download a Spanish-language version of the tool here.

Descargue una versión en español de la herramienta aquí.