Trauma training with Fairview MHealth

There is a widespread awareness in the behavioral health field that professionals are more effective when they understand the impacts of trauma and are “trauma informed” in their work.  However, even within a single system, there is a vast difference in knowledge about trauma among many disciplines and settings that support the patients’ care. Without a common baseline understanding of the effects of trauma, an organization cannot provide consistent trauma-informed care.

To help build a consistent baseline knowledge amongst behavioral health care teams, ITR has begun a remarkable partnership with the Fairview MHealth to train more than 750 workers across the service line in the basics of trauma-informed care. Using a curriculum developed within ITR, the program will train 50 trainers who disseminate the trauma awareness curriculum to professionals working in  the system.

This unique partnership demonstrates the Fairview MHealth’s commitment to improving trauma-informed care in all of its behavioral health settings, as well as ITR’s commitment to bridging the gap between research and practice in mental health. When the trauma awareness training is completed, professionals in different locations across the care continuum will share a common understanding of how trauma operates and the basics of trauma-informed care. In a planned second phase of the project, ITR will lead an effort to build on this baseline knowledge and teach skills that will help professionals to better serve clients that have been impacted by trauma.

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