2017 CRF Conference

The importance of parenting in highly stressed children and families

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Ambit Network/Center for Resilient Families Conference on September 15! Nearly 300 people showed up for a morning that highlighted the importance of helping parents of traumatized children to become their children’s best teachers.

The conference focused on how working with parents can improve mental health outcomes for children exposed to traumatic stress.

You can watch the presentations below. To request a copy of the slides, e-mail us.

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Dr. Marion Forgatch

Fifty Years of PMTO: From Cradle to Community
1 hour 18-minute video

Dr. BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya

Pre-Meditated Parenting & Fighting the Battle to Save Our Children’s Lives
57 minute video

Dr. Abigail Gewirtz

What do we know about supporting parenting in families affected by stressful and traumatic events?
1 hour 15 minute video

About the speakers:

Dr. Marion Forgatch and her life partner, Minnesota-native Dr. Gerald Patterson, developed PMTO based on analysis of thousands of hours of footage documenting parent-child interactions to understand what leads children astray. PMTO is based on 40 years of research and has been shared with more than 50,000 families from all socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and family types throughout the world. It has been adapted by other researchers to serve more specific audiences, including military parents, Latinx immigrants, and parents of traumatized children. Dr. Forgatch is Senior Scientist Emerita at Oregon Social Learning Center and founder of Implementation Sciences International, Inc.

Dr. BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya, a licensed clinical psychologist and Executive Director of the African American Child Wellness Institute, presented on an innovative culturally-specific parenting program she is involved in. The program, called Project Murua:  A Pre-meditated Parenting Boot Camp, is a 10-week intensive Afrocentric violence prevention and wellness promotion parent education and training program.

Dr. Abi Gewirtz, director of both Ambit Network and Center for Resilient Families, is one of the many researchers influenced by PMTO and is the lead developer of After Deployment: Adaptive Parenting Tools, a PMTO-based prevention intervention for military families. Dr. Gewirtz presented on her use of mindfulness research in parenting prevention interventions.