A guide to forming advisory boards for family-serving organizations

Forming an advisory board can feel like adding yet another box to check in the path to getting something done. But a well-planned advisory board will make your work better, not harder, by providing broader perspective, ensuring you are empowering those you serve, and creating ambassadors for your work.

Family partnership for juvenile-justice professionals

“Family partnership” is an approach to juvenile justice that views families as an untapped resource for understanding and reaching the youth we serve — part of the solution, not the problem. This tool is a brief, practical, and realistic look at the potential benefits of family partnership, and real-world examples of ways that organizations have begun to put these ideas in action.

Getting Help After Trauma: Is My Family Ready?

Families dealing with trauma experiences often benefit from counseling services to help with healing. But with so many things to consider, it can be hard to decide if now is the right time or if it would be better to wait for some time to pass. To address this need, we’ve designed a brief worksheet for families to use. It is based on information shared by families about their own experiences. We hope going through this worksheet will help families make decisions about their readiness to start trauma counseling and feel more prepared when the time comes.