Faith Miller, Ph.D., L.P. ITR Affiliate Faculty

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology

Faith’s research program focuses on the identification and adoption of evidence-based practices in public schools, particularly as it relates to improving outcomes for children who experience social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties (SEBD). Through her research, she examines critical factors that lead to the implementation of evidence-based practices for students with SEBD within multi-tiered systems of support. This includes the use of defensible assessments to inform data-based decision-making and problem-solving, as well as the development and delivery of a continuum of high-quality interventions to improve student outcomes. Subsumed within this overarching goal are three strands of research: (1) obtaining valid screening and progress monitoring data in the assessment of SEBD, (2) identifying effective school-based practices in assessment and intervention for SEBD, and (3) linking assessment to effective intervention within multi-tiered systems of support in order to improve data-based decision-making practices for students with SEBD. Read Faith’s full bio.