ITR Conferences

ITR hosts conferences and symposia that bring together leading researchers from across the country and world to discuss cutting-edge topics in the field of children’s mental health.

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2019: Cultural competency: Integrating cultural considerations into evidence-based models and community practice

The 2019 Ambit Network/Center for Resilient Families conference explored how effective care must be tailored to the cultural backgrounds of the families we serve.

2018: Innovations in implementation science

The 2018 ITR symposium focused on the burgeoning field of implementation science, and hosted leaders in this field from around the country to discuss the latest work to put evidence-based practices into action.

2017: The importance of parenting in highly stressed children and families

The 2017 Ambit Network/Center for Resilient Families conference focused on how working with parents can improve mental health outcomes for children exposed to traumatic stress.

2016: Moving Toward Precision Healthcare in Children’s Mental Health

ITR’s 2016 symposium, “Moving Toward Precision Healthcare in Children’s Mental Health,” featured experts in the emerging field of precision healthcare discussing the growing body of research showing the effectiveness of highly personalized treatments.

2015: Epigenetics: Development, Psychopathology, Resilience, and Preventive Intervention

The inaugural ITR symposium focused on epigenetics, the study of how DNA methylation affects gene expression and mental and physical health. The symposium featured leading researchers investigating topics ranging from the way experiences of parents can impact DNA methylation to how child maltreatment can affect how genes are expressed and lead to mental and physical health risks. Read more.